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I-Frame Link.
I-Frame Link.

Paris Street Fashions Archived.

Ning.Com Taking the lead in fashions news by it's developing social networking free and paying web service.

Von - Anne


Fashions designers, modeling agencies, individual models themselves, aspiring models / actors, photographers, movie directors and producers, and the fashions industry as a whole are deligating many hours of creative work, personel resources, and investments in this Palo - Alto, California based web services.

According to Wikipedia resources Ning.Com is:

Ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks, launched in October 2005.  Ning was co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini. Ning is Andreessen's third company (after Netscape and Opsware).

The word "Ning" is Chinese for "peace" (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: níng), as explained by Gina Bianchini on the company blog, and is also a surname in Chinese.


For those who are just starting is Marie Ashley from Leesport, Pennsylvania.  Here she is a locker room pose.

Her profile information is:

Specializing In:
Casual, Fashion, Fine Art, Glamour, Lingerie, Print/Editorial, Sport/Fitness, Swimwear
About Me:
I am an up and coming model. I always Put 110% into my work and i hope to inspire anyone that looks at my photos. I currently represent myself but am looking for an agency to help me go national.


Then there is Caitlin Melanie from Northampton, MA who is now moving into the Ithaca - Central New York region.
She is one of thousands who are listed each week on the system in which Ning.Com is developing.

These are just two example and there is a lot more as the news of Ning.Com's free service spreads among several hundreds of thousands of those who wish to be on a runways in glamour and fashions.  They are in large part compete for attention by applying to several other modeling reglated social groups.  Moreover, profession modeling agencies IE Fords Modeling TV or Free Modeling Registry promoting itself with KeyWord catching phrase National Modeling Registry ares out there with their own social network.
Ning.Com also is able to develop is own easy to develop slides --- as the sample below --- as well as InterNet chat rooms.

Ning use flash badges to assist its users in advertising their social networks on other web services such Myspace, and FaceBook.
Samples below:

Rome Wilkerson on August 19, 2009 at 5:12pm

Here is Crystal of Modeling Development Social Network.  She is an entry [ --- started and has had offers --- ] level model.

According to Wikipedia in the Features

Ning competes with large social sites like MySpace and Facebook by appealing to people who want to create their own social networks around specific interests with their own visual design, choice of features and member data. The unique feature of Ning is that anyone can create their own social network for a particular topic or need, catering to specific membership bases. At its launch, Ning offered several simple base websites developed internally and by members of a closed beta. In late September 2006, Ning narrowed its focus to offering a group website, a photos website, and a videos website for people to copy and use for any purpose. These three templates were later superseded by a single customizable application aimed at enabling anyone to easily create their own social network. However, Ning does allow developers to have some source level control of their social networks, enabling them to change features and underlying logic.

Feature modification was temporarily disabled on October 21, 2008. and the company will replace full source control with the ability to bring in new features or change the logic of existing features via OpenSocial and a set of new APIs to be relaunched in early 2009.

Ning has both free and paid options. When someone creates a social network on Ning, it is free by default and runs ads that Ning controls. If the person creating the social network chooses, they can pay to control the ads (or lack thereof), in exchange for a monthly fee. A few other premium services such as extra storage and bandwidth and non-Ning URLs are also available for additional monthly fees.

Ning has also been used by educators in S-GI to conduct a book study on Curriculum Mapping. Many educators are using Ning for developing educational resources.

Models as Ethnological Icons in Intercultural Communications Essay

Models and Fashions represents style expectations, the cultural conformity of society, the creative human drive, the will of each community member of society to come to terms of its visual sense of its spiritual aspirations, and the application by the designers to new innovative fabric technologies. Each within itself further represents a qualitive function of human creative, or traditional behaviorisms which one or an organized body of a society, or culture can communicate its purpose ( Those which are ethnological based within its history. )in vivid exposure fashionings of what either its traditionals/vintage, or new innovation styling trends.


International Students / Scholars attending various global institutions of learning fully acknowledges this aspect of human human behaviorism. Thus their campus related associations and sponsored focus ethnic fashions events which demonstrates each members global cultural uniqueness. A real treasure of valued intercultural resources. Here during the early 1970s to the late 80s these elements have had sufficient strengths of observable cultural academic uniqueness in which cultural forms of traditional and innovative dress stylings are crucial aspects to InterCultural Communications. Thus at academic institutions such as the State University of New York @ Buffalo, University of Buffalo a new academic disipline emerged which focused upon additional study on other aspects of cultural dynamics in which encompass a greater field of human behavioral knowledge. When such efforts of Students / Scholars behaviorisms are communicated to the overall campus community by fashions shows or exhibits followed up by seminars between two or more national or ethnically enriched societies or culture the methodologies applied becomes International InterCultural Communications. The single accomblishment of participating International attending Students / Scholars sponsored events is the foundation base --- historically --- of all contemporary International form of present InterCultural Communicaions.

Where modeling enters the topic.

The human behavior of how one presents oneself is the crucial aspect of being a model. The formin which ones human frame moves from one position to another in careful rehearsed choregraphic positionings are critical effective allows the photographer an economy of the film being exposed and the time in which to complete all the planned objectives in a photo shoot.

These elements are cultural significant in how it set the visual atmosphere, at times now called ' eye candy ' of the photo shoot and the models - photographer's clients interests to increase their sales or community promotional efforts. The models actual circumstance of visual healthy roles and posturing, or designs affects denotes the value of the model - photographers client.

A 1940s Traditional Pin Up

Beirut Fashions Annoucement Archived.

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advance concepts in fashions designs










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Top World Wide Directories.

Guess who designed this
Fashions Bitch

These links [ on both sides of the main sections ] to various fashions and trendsetting websites, blogs, and journals is to guide you further in the real creative centers of the world at large.  For Ithaca, New York there is no other single site which can compare. This is to facilitate and enhance both your expectations and to create desires as to illuminate what is indeed your future.  Roger M. Christian - posted April 23, 2009.

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  • Join a Modeling Social Network

    Avant Garde Genre Focus:
    International Largest Forum on...
    In my first effort in producing a fashions website during 2007 came this article note:


    To your left: A Stella McCartney dress, Paris 2004. (link via laverdad)

    "The Swedish chain, whose fourth-quarter profits surged 23.9 per cent as a result of its one-season collaboration with Lagerfeld, announced this morning that it is planning to woo yet more fashionistas with a 40-piece collection from Stella this autumn. Currently on a three-year deadline from Gucci to turn a profit at her own company, McCartney will benefit from the international brand awareness this project will provide.

    "'We are thrilled to collaborate with Stella McCartney,' H&M's head of design, Margareta van den Bosch, said today. 'Her designs are modern and cool yet classic and wearable. We have long admired her sense of tailoring and femininity. Consumer research further confirmed the strong appeal of her brand. We are looking forward to bring our customers this unique collaboration this autumn.'"

    Out: Tara Reid. Raspy-voiced partygirl Tara Reid is, for all intents and purposes, mired in loserdust. The avalanche of bad press has blossomed into a full-fledged case social radioactivity. According to
    Jeanette Walls:

    European TopLess or Sheer Throughs Stylings are now making their way into the New York City scene.  Here below is a commercial outgrowth of this ever expanding alternative style.  It now made its way into mainstream internet sales promotions. According to observers this a catching hold in areas in which faminist power is on the increase and women are feeling safer.

    News widgets and RSS feeds on

    Wanted are your press releases, or announcements on all fashions related events, new fashions, and photos. Send via. email below.


    DownTown Ithaca, New York:


    There is an effort by fashions retailers along Cayuga road, Ithaca, New York who are working together to name this strip of shops, Fashions Row. 

    Ithaca Mall



    CollegeTown, Cornell University:

    SouthSide, Elmira Road " Shoppers Lane "

    Slide show

    Fashionising is rapidly becoming an International resource group, and possibly a world leader in both its vision, as well as in its web design ( see above slide show as an example ).
     Roger says " Join Fashionising dot Com today!"

    Nilit Presents Bodyfashion Trends for Fall-Winter 2008-2009 Bodywear and Summer 2009 Active Sportswear


    Today’s leading trends in bodywear reveal a melting-pot of fashion which combines a wealth of eclectic elements, new silhouettes and a mixture of styles used to invent sparkling and creative products. Today’s bodywear epitomizes no-limits styling; the new attitude is to create a personal style statement by boldly combining trends and mixing and mis-matching incongruous combinations.

    Nilit® has maintained its position as a market leader by combining its advanced expertise in yarn technology with an even more comprehensive product offer. Innovation is the key at NILIT and its unique and diverse products have opened new vistas for creating a new generation of state-of-the-art products that are both fashionable and innovative.

    Nilit® is proud to present its expanded portfolio of specialty fibers which includes SENSIL, our in-house brand, and TACTEL, SUPPLEX and CORDURA yarns, which are INVISTA brands used under license to NILIT, for nylon fiber products, all perfected for seamless, legwear, circular knitting and woven wear. The cutting-edge technology and even wider variety of NILIT branded yarns will provide you with an unlimited source of inspiration to create bodywear and active sportswear that meets the consumer's demands for fashion, fun and seductiveness as well as increased technical performance.

    THE Nilit® TRENDBOOK defines three trends for FALL-WINTER 2008/09 BODYWEAR and highlights the yarns and colors best suited to these trends:

    ANTIQUE CHARM. A symphony of vintage influences and charming inspirations from yesterday are reinterpreted in a neo romantic vein. A refined sensuality and old-world charm are conjured by images of hazy souvenirs and wallpaper prints that appear faded by time. A dreamy range of subtle colors enhances corsetry-style products with cotton-look hand-made finishes.

    SENTIMENTAL. Inventive and extrovert bodywear with a happy junior style in an eclectic mixture of decorative opulence inspires fun lingerie in a spontaneous and spirited mood. A jumble of floral prints and patterns recreates a new hippy style with an eccentric attitude that is both creative and kitsch. The palette is inspired by nature and its joyous symphony of colors.

    URBAN CONNECTION. A strong and seductive bodywear with a rebellious attitude is inspired by urban influences and glamorous grunge aesthetics. This radical and daring style is a fusion of graphic elements and strikingly contrasting textures. Shiny surfaces are contrasted with oxidized metallic aspects, burn-outs and hazy transparency in ultra-dark shades.

    The Nilit® TRENDBOOK defines three trends for ACTIVE SPORTSWEAR for SPRING-SUMMER 2009 with the accent on performance.

    FITNESS SYNERGY. Women’s activewear creates a new form of sensuality with a lavish variety of styles for dance and fitness with a sexy glamorous edge. Contemporary styling combines glorious colors with NILIT special-effect yarns. Fabrics with satiny iridescent surfaces and shiny metallic finishes add a rich edge when combined with a palette of sweet bright tones.

    GREAT OUTDOORS. Activewear with a focus on lightness features timeless styling for a dynamic sport style with an emphasis on comfort. Sophisticated ergonomic designs merge function with high performance. In addition to their functional edge, body-shaping panels focus on NILIT yarns that offer flexibility, moisture management and supportive shaping.

    PRO ACTION. For performance orientated sports such as running, cycling and climbing, seamless sportswear adds protection by providing knitted structures that incorporate reinforced zones. High-performance sportswear finds the ultimate solution for creating skillfully engineered garments by using seamless technology and NILIT special performance yarns.

    For more information including graphic Trend Boards please contact: Molly Kremidas, Nilit America Corp., 336-605-1962, mollyk[.]

    Source: Newswire Today and LINK 



    Inside scoop.


    Editorializing on Models and Modeling
    The Rise of the Horrible 2s

    Its got the glamorous high light in our culture and society, and nothing but the very, very best looking female and male models hits the catwalks all with the high energy of being part of an exclusive club of Fashions and Fashions Modeling. None the less, and with full comphrehension of the Press Media Exposures involved. Modeling itself needs to be constantly reexamined.

    What sells! This phrase is on the top of the minds of every magazine editor, especially if you are with " W ", Ellie, Vogue, Cosmo, Men's Magazine, and Glamour to list just a few, telecasting and video producers, and their writers, protographers, film editors, and film makers who have to produce content; not to mention all the writers of featured " Press Releases " in which everyone hangs on every word to find something new to publish.

    In to this a model is presented and with some assurances from a realiable system of mentors to start off in this most challenging of careers. Especially if she is starting in her teens. Right now both dress size 2 is the aiming point, and those who fit the visual qualities expectations of the fashions designers, while she still is in her youth are both leading top fashion models initial high profile class rated qualities; and those who can only fit into a 6 are always challenged. Those who are five foot ten with this visual frame are most apt to model exclusive fashions creations costing at least $ 5,000.00 Size 6 gets the mainstream fashions which you will see at a Sears.

    At the other gender end, males who are around six foot two, size 44 long have the same conditions, but with out the age factor being a major component. But being muscular recently is a must as well. Tatoos are making their way into here too!

    Thus with the on-going struggle between the socio-economic classes, especially now with the United States trying to recover from the recent economic melt downs [ note the plural ], class distinctions are now having a larger and larger impact on the models themselves. Everyone has heard of the horrible 2s in early child's development, here is another similar graced horrible 2s to female models with which term usage is now inspired by the spending habits of the affluent, and those who serves their fashion tastes. To get started on a full modeling career, starting with a 2 is an advantage, and to some extent a necessity. What Sells! This is at its heart of the present scope of Editorial Modeling.

    This according to emails I have recieved from the models themselves.

    This has given many editors of the most significant fashions press a new idom in journalism. Editorial Modeling. This focuses on the First and UpMost the Photo Shoots, and created the fashions look being modeled; and only then, if the fashions industry is lucky, the sociocultural and socioeconomic conditions, awareness of the emerging class conditions. In times of National Economic Crises, and the additional responsiabilities in which the photographer must play to assist in the glamourizing what is being shot, even in the smallests of Catwalks; and the fashions and models who grace this small public stage in a struggle to get every top exposure possible per photo. In the fashions industry you have more people per - capita who are able to get more and more money out of turnip then a credit collector;they are almost, but not yet, as good as US Marine is able to get out of his equipment, a top ranked weapon; and both are just as agressive with their respected picture reality strengths as well.

    Very must like an United States Marine storming a beach-head, SHOOTS are everything. Very like his M 16 rifle, the digital cameras with the additional exposure and photographic internal computers, The Photo Shoots are at the heart of this new Fashions Journalism Idom of Editorial Modeling. The pressure the fashions designers are feeling is just that pronounced.

      Looking Good Isn't FWO (For Women Only) 

    Both men and women, according to a recent Nielsen study, feel pressure to look good.  But, the more interesting finding therein is that women are not the only ones considering their looks these days.  According to the Nielsen press release: "84% of Americans believe that men are more interested in personal grooming than they used to be."

    Or, maybe men are just more comfortable talking about grooming now than they were the last time someone asked them?  Check out my last HuffingtonPost piece for more.

    From Taghrid of Los Angeles, California we get this blog directory:
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  • From Betsy with Love we get this fashions directory:






    YouTube Victoria Secret Fashions Shows Returns

    YouTube Louis Vuitton : Women Fashion Show

    Eye of dubai video
    A snip here, a cut there, and voilà a fashion masterpiece, right?
    Well, not quite. Zayed University College of Communication and
    Media Sciences student Muna Abdullkarim introduces you to a
    new school were possibily the next great fashion designers is toiling
    over a drawing table and sewing machine to learn the craft of the industry.

    The National Modling Reigstry

    Visit National Modeling Registry


    Above: A Stella McCartney dress, Paris 2004. (link via laverdad)

    "The Swedish chain, whose fourth-quarter profits surged 23.9 per cent as a result of its one-season collaboration with Lagerfeld, announced this morning that it is planning to woo yet more fashionistas with a 40-piece collection from Stella this autumn. Currently on a three-year deadline from Gucci to turn a profit at her own company, McCartney will benefit from the international brand awareness this project will provide.

    Yohji Yamamoto:
    Represents the rise of the Asian in the sophisticated circle of International Fashion designers.  In Paris, France his lineup has been credited in being both exciting and earthshaking at the sametime. He breaks the rules, and women go mad as a result of the splendid images he able to portray on the models who struts their stuff and soft slinder forms on the walk ways of the Parisian fashion world.

    French Fashions U of Esmond - Dubai- News

    Blogs, Bloggers and Journals Fashions Links: Here you will find the fashion world and those ideas which creates trend setting cultural news all at the same time with this collection of graphic links site.

    AndiFashion B2C Fashion Designers 2007, Fashion Designers 2008: This is one of the most complete collection of fashion designers blogs, bloggers, and journal site around.  Be prepared to spin hours looking and reading, plus one hell of an education.


    Whats New in Melbourn, Australia




    Swim Wear Becomes Art ?

    International Fashions Scene:

    Horizontal Divider 7

    Artefact Communications Agency
    21/22 4th Tverskaya Yamskaya Str., Bldg. 3, Moscow, 125047, Russia
    Tel: +7 (495) 232-14-75/76/77/78
    Fax: +7 (495) 251-26-06




    Fashions Forums

    Vivienne Westwood opened Russian Fashion Week

     Russian Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007/2008. In its 11th season, RFW - the largest prêt-a-porter week in Eastern Europe featured over 60 fashion designers from Russia, Ukraine, China, Great Britain, Spain, South Africa and other countries. Runway shows were followed by parties and special events. On April 5 Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger hosted in Moscow Jezebel Party in honor of RFW.


    British brand of Vivienne Westwood opened the first day of Russian Fashion Week which is held in Central House of Artists, opposite to Gorky Park.  “We are proud to have significant Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection for RFW Opening”, says Russian Fashion Week Producer General Alexander Shumsky. “RFW showcases best Russian fashion designers, up to 40-45 names every season.It is good for local fashion industry to be on the same catwalk with international designers. Also Russian Fashion Week is true gateway for international brands to fast growing Russian market ”, adds Shumsky.

    The renowned British duo Eley Kishimoto followed Vivienne Westwood with its autumn/winter 2007/08 collection. British designer Jenny Packham made show at RFW for the sixth season. “RFW is very important for proper exposure on Russian market”, says Jenny Packham.


    Russian Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007/2008. In its 11th season, RFW - the largest prêt-a-porter week in Eastern Europe featured over 60 fashion designers from Russia, Ukraine, China, Great Britain, Spain, South Africa and other countries. Runway shows were followed by parties and special events. Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger hosted in Moscow Jezebel Party in honor of RFW.

    Russian Fashion Week (RFW) is the largest fashion week in Eastern Europe. RFW stages two shows a year in Moscow - every April and October.  The past three seasons have established RFW as a major entry in the world’s fashion calendar, next to prestigious fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Beijing.

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    Ithaca Date Book:
    An online helper.
    First get your cell phone and a date book.  There is one to your left.  Then you get this site on the date book, and then click on Ithaca Concerts, Concerts and Entertainment, Theatre, or Entertainment websites for the evenings entertainment.  Then if you want something very good to go actually dinning out too, and not a rush job, you go to the Ithaca Recommended Restaurants for one hell of a great evening.  In the end it will become

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