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Press Releases Wanted:

Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News is now online. URL:  This E-Zine publication is a good fit with other online publications developed by Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Publications, D.B.A., New York such as [] Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY  URL:  [] Cornell University Clubs: Students / Scholars URL [] and Ithaca College Clubs: Students / Scholars  URL:  [].   Moreover, it is likewise networked into a vast array of web sites marketed world wide with over 900,000 hits per month.
Wanted are your store's press releases to be published in this E-Zine publication.  For franchises - please contact your corporation headquarters and forward email address , and contact phone number 607 - 279 - 9945
After the holidays and when the students come back owner Mr. Roger M. Christian is more than willing to assist you in getting you additional business as well as posting  your jobs opennings on The Ithaca Jobs Board [][]
Please Note:  All press releases should inform the public about new styles coming into your store and should reflect your future goals of service.
Great attention and editorial follow up services will always be placed upon press releases which promotes fashions designers who are creating their own fashions within Ithaca / Tompkins county, or academic institutions within New York State, and Ontario, Canada.
Any sales or other items which deals with sales - promotions should be conducted by advertisement.  The only exception is a fashions show.
Reciprocal link exchanges are free for fashions retailers, and academics only!
Finally Ithaca now has a major Internet ranked fashions PR 1 [ keywords = fashions trendsetters ] PR 2 [ keywords = trendsetters fashions ] web site and supporting web nets which is trendsetting.  Thus your fashions' press releases and advertising display will be seen world wide

Advertising Sample:
The Mercedes-Benz brand still stands for excellence. Make no mistake. But just as the venerable German luxury brand kicks off a barrage of TV and print ads designed to re-engineer its status in the American psyche, it seems pretty clear that it has miles to go before it gets its message right. For good reason as its top quality engineering and looks of International sophistication have always been its real unspoken message.
Just turn the ignition key and start her up!
Cost for ad: $250.00 / 4 month duration.
Ad can be changed per month ( only ) during this time period.

Tri - Falcon and Dove Productions, Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Publications, D.B.A. * 87 Uptown Road * B - 104 University Park Apartments * Ithaca * NY * 14850 [ 607 ] 279 - 9945