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Fashions Trendsetters / Trend Setters: A leading informative online publication which covers the global aspects of recent fashions which are setting popular trends.
The Fashions Bitch. An insiteful view on current fashions is the cause celeb of this blog.
Ithaca Fashions.  A report on current fashion trendsetters in Ithaca, New York.
The Ithaca Fashions Directory  A directory listing of fashions related websites and blogs.
New York City's Fashions Scene  A report on various fashions shows and personalities which dominates this fashion urban center.
 Paris Fashions ( An Absolute Necessity to Inlcude )  Paris, France has been dominating the fashions since about 640 AD [ CE ], and have at the sametime shocked every generation since.
The Rising Edo ~ Sun of Fashion  The Japanese now dominate the International Fashions scene.  Moroever, with the 'Tokyo Street Look ' embraced by the youth sector, Japan will still continue to be a fashions leader in to the far future.
The City's Fashions Scene.  This covers the trendy fashions scene in New York City, and the surrounding communities.
Moscow Fashions: Moscow is now one of the leading ten fashions capitals in the world, and its influence has been increasing since the liberation.
European Fashions :  The fashions directory and advertising web site for fashions and fashions show being held in Europe.
Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News EBloggy: Here gathered on this blog are the various other blogs which are published by Mr. Roger M. Christian within the Ebloggy system linked primarly to Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News, a Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Publications, D.B.A. publication, Ithaca, New York
American Fashions:  Covering selected cities within the United States and Canada this Directory will cover most national fashions trends of today within America.
South American Fashions:  Descriptions and future up dates on the latest trends in South American fashions scene with emphasis and focus on Sao Pualo, Brazil - the city that fashions built.
Montreal Fashions:  The city with an accommodating French culture.
Kawasaki Fairings: Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairing Sets for Ducati, Honda & Yamaha on a Special Discount Sale.
Rogue Scholars 2 Fashions 4 Modeling BlogSite an OnSugar free blogging program..


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