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Fashion Silk embroidery lady bags show the perfect combination of  China's Silk Culture and  contemporary fashion 

Press release from: Sourcingmap Company Ltd.
Published date: 06-14-2007 03:43 PM - CET - Arts & Culture

Fashion Jewelry Embroider Silk Exquisite Lady Shoulder Bag - Red
Fashion Jewelry Embroider Silk Exquisite Lady Shoulder Bag - Red
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(openPR) - HongKong, 14th June, 2007 ( ) In order to better carry forward China's silk culture, embodying traditional culture and modern fashion the perfect combination , Sourcingmap Company Ltd. launched 3 series Silk embroidery lady bags, which are made from durable silk with top quality hand-stitch finish and embroidered flower.

China has a history of silk more than 5000 years, since she first invented the sericulture and silk production. It is silk that built a bridge between and , then the became a symbol of the cultural and economic exchange between the East and the West. And today, Chinese Silk have gone overseas, to show an ancient and perfect creation to the world . Various Silk Exhibitions have been held all the world. Especially China International Silk Fair, held since 2000, has successfully held in France, India, Milan,Bangkok, South Korea and other countries .

By the China National Cocoon and Silk Coordination Office, China Silk Association, the "2007 International Silk Forum," the first time as China International Silk Forum professionals at home and abroad the concern. Forum invited by the EU Textile and Garment Association, the Italian Silk Association, president of the Japanese silk, and other representatives of more than 50 foreign countries, and the National major silk production, trade enterprises, the Institute on behalf of nearly 70 people, in exchange, cooperation and development are the themes, on the issues of common concern were discussed and examined.

Sourcingmap Company Ltd ( ) as the the world's first factory-direct wholesale online superstore in China launched 3 series Silk embroidery lady bags, which are
(1) Fashion Jewelry Designer Embroider Ladylike Shoulder Bag- Red, (2) Fashion Jewelry Embroider Silk Exquisite Lady Shoulder Bag – Red, (3) Exquisite Ladies Embroider Flower Wallet Dressing Prink Tiers Handbag-Blue Green. The related link is

Among them, the most popular one is Fashion Jewelry Embroider Silk Exquisite Lady Shoulder Bag – Red . Firstly, In traditional China, red symbolizes happiness, wealth and good fortune ; Secondly,it is made from durable silk with top quality hand-stitch finish and embroidered flower ,work and meticulous workmanship, fit various costumes match; Thirdly,fashion and elegant design with streamline and friendly appearance.

SourcingMap offers online purchase of the latest products, at wholesale prices and in small quantities, directly from factories in China. Member factories specialize in MP3 and MP4 players, Digital Cameras, Cell Phone Accessories, Computer Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Radio Control Toys, and various electronics and gadgets.

The SourcingMap mission is to offer worldwide wholesale customers the best factory-direct deals out of China. This includes lowest prices, great quality, reliable shipping and communication.

Name: Sourcingmap Company Ltd.
Address: Sourcingmap Company Ltd. Unit B, 2/F High Fashion Centre,1-11 KWAI HEI STREET, KWAI FONG, N.T . HongKong
phone: 00852-24899331
Fax: 00852-24892487


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