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 A clean pair of heels ---  Sam Lyster,, London Times blog  Times Newspapers Ltd.  

 A shaded view on fashion ---  Diane, political, artsy  A Shaded View on Fashion  

 A Socialite's Life ---  pop gossip  This is the blog of Miu von Furstenberg. To be enjoyed with a martini. A Socialite's Life provides you with your recommended daily dose of celebrity gossip, photos, fashion news, and media speculation - brought to you in digestible bites. To be enjoyed with a martini.  

 All About The Pretty ---  Julia, Washington, D.C.  A Southern Girl's Guide to All Things Beautimous  

 Almost Girl ---  Julie Fredrickson, almost novelist  Where Plato and Prada Meet  

 American Fashion Girls ---  heathermc  "Are Fashion trend magazines answering to your need to keep in touch with new fashion trends and wearable and affordable fashion? This is the goal of American Fashion girls, your Fashion trend magazine!"  

 AnnieInMotion ---  celeb, fashion will give you Annie's often amusing, often sarcastic thoughts on pop-culture, ranging from celebrities to the NY Times, and sometimes even both.  

 Asian Leprechaun ---   Says the Asian Leprechaun... In a spirit of revenge over the widespread rejection of materialism, the fashion world has taken advantage of new ways to be esoteric.  

 Bag Lady ---  Katherine Hannaford, Ed.  Bags, Purses, Belts & Bling: Blogging about accessories - life's little necessities.  

 Beauty News ---   Elke: I'm a Celebrity & Editorial Makeup Artist, and live in Los Angeles and NYC. I get to work on photo shoots, celebrities and even real people! ;)  

 Blogdorf Goodman ---  Annieytown - Ytown, Ohio  A girl with too many coats and an addiction to fragrances.  

 Bois de Jasmin ---  Victoria, thorough, detail oriented.  Perfume Reviews and Reflections  

 Brain Trapped in Girl's Body ---  Tania, Brooklyn  The Exciting and Terrible Adventures of a Perfectly Fine - Dare I Say, Above Average - Human Brain Doomed to Live Its Every Minute in the Confines of an Ordinary Girl's Body.  

 Brown712 ---  Marsha Reid  The art of handbags, shoes and jewelry.  

 bunnyshop ---  Brooklyn, NY  shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion really not so much about bunnies  

 C'est Chic ---  mireille, Seattle, WA  my occasional musings on life, love, art, perfume ... what else is there?  

 cafe-mode ---  en français  Babillages et cafouillages d'une fille (presque) à la page  

 Catwalk Queen ---  Gemma Cartwright, ed. Shiny Media  The award-winning zine & daily blog that brings you all the style, beauty, celebs & shopping you'll ever need!  

 Chanel Amour ---  anonymous registration, Domains by Proxy brings you all the latest news and reviews on Chanel covering haute couture, ready to wear, purses, jewelry, events and people.  

 Charming, but single ---  formerly, “A Dateless Journal of Drinking.”  Charming, but single is 25 26, lives in the Southern part of the U.S.A. and likes both her drinks and her boys tall.  

 Closet Therapy ---  Los Angeles  A place to rant and rave about new fashion trends that I love or hate.  

 ClothesHoarse ---   Welcome to an insiders city guide to Los Angeles, California (CA). Find LA shopping, restaurants, Los Angeles nightlife, bars, clubs, theater, LA attractions, parks, beaches, la hotels, la showbiz and more.  

 coolchiq ---   style is everything, comfort is nothing  

 Coquette ---  Natalie Zee  I am a fashion lover and a techie at heart. In my present life, its all about the exciting world of crafts and DIY, working for Make Magazine.  

 Couture in the City ---  Angelique Sims, ed.  Couture in the City embodies the latest in fashion, trends and elegance and ties them together in a fun and feminine way! We provide information about celebrities, style and the latest indie fashion and accessories.  

 Delight ---  anonymous registration, Domains by Proxy  Dedicated to the Cult of Shopping. Daily reviews of stylish boutiques, fashion blogs, sales and sweepstakes, with a dash of celebrity and insider fashion scoops.  

 Delush ---  DeLush Media, LLC  DeLush is dedicated to seeking out and reviewing beauty products in order to provide our readers with honest descriptions that will provide them with the ability to more easily discover products that work for them OR find out what products aren't even worth trying.  

 DFR lookonline ---  New York  DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT - by, Membership features, Members' homepage Daily show & event schedule Who's who in ny fashion pr directory New York fashion industry report Market reports  

 Downtown Darling syndication ---  New York City  Follow us as we scour the city looking for the latest and greatest. Whatever the fashion find, we'll keep you informed (as long as we didn't buy the last one, of course).  

 Dutch Fashion Foundation ---   Based in Amsterdam, DFF manages a network of approximately 50 of the most talented Dutch fashion designers.  

 EB Rue ---  AshleyPE  You don't have to be materialistic to enjoy fashion. That's why there's EB Rue!  

 Fashion Addict Diary ---  New York  Lera.  

 Fashion Asia ---  Malaysia  "This is a blog about my passion = Fashion. Although the title may sound "Asia-ish". Well, i wont confine myself to just asian fashion, it will be mostly about My-kinda-fashion. :)"  

 Fashion Forum ---  UK  Fashion Forum is a forum for all kinds of fashion styles and trends. Fashion followers and fashion designers love this site. Model fashion, movie, celebrity fashion and fashion chat.  

 Fashion Genie ---   Molly Gender: female Location: Pennsylvania : United States Interests Fashion Music and Chick fa la Favorite Movies Pretty Woman Office Space Revenge of the Nerds any halloween movies  

 Fashion is a Verb ---  Ellie is a pseudonym.  I'm soooo new to the Fashion Industry. Read along as I muddle my way through my attempt at a succesful career in Fashion. Share my failures! Revel in my triumphs! You'll laugh! You'll cry!  

 Fashion Musings ---   the fashion musings of brittany ancell  

 Fashion Style Chic ---   Fashion Style Chic comes from an L.A. woman on the hunt for the latest fashions and bargains online and around the town.  

 Fashion Tribes Daily ---  5 magazines and this blog  Insider fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment scoops from New York City and around the world. FASHION TRIBES DAILY podcasts everyday and does a weekly videoblog for your guilty pleasure. Give a listen, get addicted. Fashionistas, welcome home.  

 Fashion-era ---  Pauline Weston Thomas  Fashion History, Costume & Social History from 1780 to 2005. Regency, Victorian, Edwardian Fashion Eras. Body Adornment, Jewellery, Perfumes, Makeup, Underwear History. Pictures. Fashion Drawing. Forum  

 Fashion-Incubator ---   Lessons from the sustainable factory floor  

 Fashionologie ---   fashionologie is the musings of a twenty-something American girl who wishes she could have a Freaky Friday incident and switch bodies with Phoebe Philo.  

 final fashion ---  Danielle Meder  Age: 22 Gender: female Astrological Sign: Libra Zodiac Year:: Dog Industry: Fashion Occupation: Illustrator, Student, Technical Designer Location: Toronto : Canada  

 Fluffy Stuff ---  JellyGirl, Singapore  Food. Fun. Fashion. But not in that order. According to E-mode, Josh Hartnett is my teen celebrity match, "Groove is in the Heart" is my theme song, my inner rock star is Britney Spears (ack!), my perfect car is a convertible, my power hour is lunchtime, I would be R2-D2 if I were in Star Wars and a Scottish Terrier if I were a dog. Howzat?  

 Flypaper - Stuck on Style ---  Bluefly Inc. is a NASDAQ Smallcap Company  Find designer clothes at discount prices at Bluefly. Buy designer handbags, designer shoes, designer dresses, designer jewelry and more from brands like Prada, Fendi, Gucci and Ralph Lauren.  

 Frugal-Fashionista ---   Want your favorite celebrity's look but don't have a celebrity budget? Frugal-Fashionista finds the latest fashions without breaking the bank.  

 Go Fug Yourself ---  Heather & Jessica, Well Played, Inc  Fugly is the new Pretty  

 grechenscloset ---   Online fashion, style and shopping website, Designer directories of where to buy online luxury and designer brands, directory of online shopping sites, exclusive discounts, reviews of trendy items, what to wear, and more.  

 Guise ---  missy-j, Singapore  Shopping is my cardio. Let it also be clear now. My blog is not one of those discreet marketing blogs.  

 HEL LOOKS ---   Selected street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The pictures are taken in the streets and clubs of Helsinki from July 2005 onwards.  

 High Heels Blog ---   We here at High Heels Blog are obsessed with high heels. Some of us with buying, wearing, and finding just the right pair.... the rest of us? Well, we're obsessed with their beauty and oh-so sexiness.  

 High-Fashion High ---  Lipped Media, Miss Cinnamon, Jane Choo  “designer style to put your mind in a tizzy.”  Fashion blog focusing on exquisite high fashion, haute couture, designer apparel, fabulous shoes and runway fashion  

 HighSnobiety ---  Geneve, Switzerland  HighSnobiety tries on one side to be a filter for news and trends in the urban streetculture segment. Other than that HighSnobiety also creates its own content by having special features on outstanding people, stores or products.  

 Hypebeast ---  Vancouver, BC  The Online Magazine for Fashion, Sneakers, and Culture Boosting a large audience base and loyal fans Hypebeast has expanded into one of the best resources of information for the street wear market. Hypebeast has no definitive audience base but appeals to the great majority, reflecting the diverse and multicultural scene in street wear.  

 I Am Fashion ---  Harrods Girl, Barneys Girl  I (Harrods Girl) was getting fustrated that there were no simple websites telling me what was going to be in fashion.  

 I am pretty nyc ---  Kim Weinstein  i am pretty nyc a makeup and beauty site. I do MAKEUP and not hair.  

 In My Bag ---   Hot bags, not so hot bags, and all bags in between  

 In the Closet of a Danish Shoe Fetishist ---    In the Closet of a Danish Shoe Fetishist  

 Jack and Hill ---   Jack & Hill: A Beauty Blog - make-up, cosmetics, perfume, and the substance of style. What do you get when you throw a true beauty obsessive in Europe together with a veteran beauty journalist in LA?  

 JasmineShops ---  Chicago  I thought a little mosey down Bond Street, a little sniff around Gucci, sidle up to Ralph Lauren, pass through Browns and on to Quags for a light lunch.  

 Jonniker ---   Jonniker, Northeast United States - What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house? Where am I? No, um, seriously WHERE? WHERE IS THIS PLACE?  

 Just Ask Leslie ---   Jewelry Tips  

 just jared ---  New York  celebrities + dance + entertainment + deals + dvds + design + digital lifestyle + fashion + film + food + friends + funny + gadgets + gizmos + gossip + headlines + media + movies + music + news + nyc + pop culture + rants + shopping + snowboarding + style  

 Karin's Style Blog ---   Looking at the world with a designer's eye. This blog covers my inspirations and my thoughts on topics such as beauty, patterns and things.  

 kim's blog ---   i am pretty nyc a makeup and beauty site by Kim Weinstein  

 Kiss Me, Stace ---  Designer Ella  Fashion blog obsessing over fabulous shoes, giving recommendations, and scouting out the latest and hottest in the world of style. Much, Much Ado About Fashion “Too Darn Hot” and What Not to Wear.  

 kitson ---  Los Angeles  Kitson believes that shopping should be fun!! Our team of buyers are always on the hunt to find the hottest and newest trends. Don't try to call them as they are always on the go - traveling constantly between New York , Los Angeles and Europe to stay one step ahead of the competition.  

 Knickers ---  Edinburgh, UK  Knickers is a fashion weblog dedicated to all things lingerie: it features new collections, coupons, designers, and of course, points out beautiful lingerie for women every day.  

 Koneko's *Mostly* Beauty Diary! ---   "The Totally Official Archived History of the "UN-made-up Make up Junkie!" Welcome to my chronicle of beauty, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and fragrance! (Which also parallels my descent into great debt!) I hope you enjoy!!!"

 La Coquette ---  Elisabeth Fourmont  La Coquette is the journal of a 25-year-old American girl who is really French and who has returned to the land of her father(s). She lives in Paris's Latin Quarter, across the hall from her cousine Jeanne. She has no pets.  

 Laurelines ---   paintings, drawings and a few sidelines  

 Life in Paris ---   Thoughts on life in this amazing city.… Enjoy the arts, perfumes and finer things in life... ---   Anina is an international model with a passion for technology.  

 Lipstick Is My Crack ---   All makeup, all the time. Except when it's clothes. Or shoes. Or bags. Or skincare. Or perfume. Okay, MOSTLY makeup, most of the time.  

 Luxist ---  New York  Luxist is a blog - an online magazine - obsessively covering luxury products. ---  Michelle Chan  Beauty Tips, Health Reviews, Weddings Ideas, Recipes  

 Miss Twiss ---   The combination of fibres and fashion rocks my world.  

 Mode et chemises ---  en français  Mode et chemises  

 Monkeyposh ---  Land of Great Lakes  All Monkey--All The Time Traveling the globe to bring Posh Monkeydom home to you!  

 Mostly Chick ---   All Chick ...a male & female point of view...We are two former coworkers who share similar ideas on what's absurd...or just plain funny...thought we could offer a unique view on life & stuff…  

 My Fashion Life ---  Michele Obi, editor  Culture interviews Designers shopping: women Trends Autumn Winter 2005 diary dates Articles Queries books & quotes models Press & Feedback shopping: men Catwalk  

 No Good For Me ---   Style = Vice!: fashion as guilty pleasure, pop cultural criticism, schmatte obsession, beauty junkie reviews, minor snarkage, the cult of luxury denim, secretive bling, and other random thoughts.  

 Not Martha ---   My name is Megan, I live in Seattle, WA with Scott and a clover plant. Which I might have killed last week. I post pages here on how to make things, and keep some photos here at Flickr.  

 Now Smell This ---   Now Smell This is a blog about perfume. Regular topics include fragrance reviews, news, interviews, perfume shopping tips, and new & upcoming fragrance releases.  

 Ombligo! ---   Atreau  

 Papierdoll ---   The internet fashion destination for style concious women. Featuring preview articles, exclusive interviews and the best coverage of the fashion world on the internet  

 Perfume Notes ---   Luca Turin on perfume and other things  

 Persiflage ---   Persiflage  

 Pink is the New Blog ---  celeb/gossip  Pink Is The New Blog Fingers Firmly On The Pulse ---   Welcome to the shoe blog of a West Coast college girl.  

 Purseblog ---   The Purse Blog covers new designer handbags, purses, hobos, clutches, totes, wristlets, satchels, accessories and more.  

 Pursed Lips --- is a handbag blog with designers and stylish brands, even accessories like wallets.  

 Purseuing ---   Purseuing is a blog obsessively covering purses, bags, totes, clutches, and just about anything else you can carry on your shoulder.  

 Put Your Flare On ---   Random musings from a procrastinating American living in Paris. ---  Amanda, Canada  The Unscripted Ramblings of a Girl Who Enjoys Fashion, Celebrity Gossip and Shopping Just a Teensy Bit More Than The Average Person.  

 Sassybella ---                   the online australian fashion/beauty magazine  

 Sea of Angels ---   it is about what life feels like to me______kurt vonnegut  

 Seldom Nice Nowadays ---   katiedid  

 Shake Your Beauty ---   'You are beautiful, but learn to work, for you cannot eat your beauty.' --Congo proverb  

 Shoe Lover: News, Views, Sales, Accessories ---   Shoe Lover: Clear Shoe Boxes, News, Views, Sales, Accessories  

 Shoewawa ---   Shoewawa --- Shopping Blogreports on hot shopping trends and new, bestselling and popular products.  

 Some Like It Haute ---   Alex is the protagonist of the upcoming chick-lit novel, Some Like It Haute, to be published by Warner Books in February 2006. She's also the more vapid, much less responsible - and highly fictionalized - alter ego of writer Julie K.L. Dam.  

 Sparkle like the Stars --- is a regularly updated blog providing you with the latest scoop on what jewelry celebrities are wearing and what low cost alternatives are available. Check us out and you too can, yes, sparkle like the stars!  

 Spirit Fingers ---   The Diet Coke of evil, just one calorie, not evil enough  

 Splendora Blog ---   Splendora is word-of-mouth on a grand scale.  

 Style Bytes ---   The fashion blog for budget living. Daily trend updates and DIY ideas.  

 Style Tribe ---   Fashion blog for the monetarily challenged.  

 Style-Spotlight ---   Celebrity fashion critique blog with faux-pas and style icons. Snarky comments, galore.  

 stylephile ---   fab finds and hip new lines  

 superfuture ---   read over 3000 brutally honest independent reviews of selected shops and assorted establishements…  

 TBF Project:Blog ---  fashion blog directory  Project:Blog links great fashion, shopping, and beauty blogs to interested readers. Every blog- no matter how big or small is welcomed to join. All we ask is that you link back to the site.  

 teenfashionista --- a teenager's portal to all things fashion  

 The Bag Blog ---   The Bag Blog is weblog all about bags, pocketbooks, purses & what have you.  

 The Bag Snob ---   A Selective Editorial on Bags  

 The Budget Fashionista ---   The Budget Fashionista is the shopping expert. She knows the best fashion deals, budget shopping tips, and online coupons.  

 The Chic Alert ---   If you\'re sophisticated and chic and have a passion for fashion, health and beauty then the Chic Alert is for you. With a focus on fashion and lifestyle, as well as top brands and labels we\'re always on the hunt for quality sales and designer bargains o  

 The Couture Courtroom ---   The Couture Courtroom  

 The Manolo ---   Shoes, fashion, celebrity, and humor from Manolo the Shoeblogger.  

 The Purse Blog ---   The Purse Blog reviews designer handbags and provides daily news on the hottest in shoulder fashion. Visit our growing Purse Forum community of bag lovers!  

 The Secret Life of Shoes ---   The Secret Life of Shoes  

 The Style Page ---  

 Tokyo Street Style ---   Tokyo Street Style,weekly fashion marketing research, by Japan Fashion Association(JFA)  

 Urban Socialite© ---   The Adventures of an Urban Socialite ©  

 viviane blassel ---   viviane blassel  

 What To Wear This Very Second ---   Trebuchet MS  

 What's Your Bag? ---  miss tango in her eyes  an inside look into bags around the world  

 Wonderland or Not ---   Wonderland or Not  

 ws2m ---   ws2m  

 You Know You Love It ---   I'm just a young girl who loves clothes. For some reason people like my long, crazy (some times-gasp-even pointless) rants and raves about fashion    http://wafflesandfashion.blogspot

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