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Cultural Zionism: Blogs, Bloggers, and Journals Directory
      Active Zionism - A complex argumentative website on Israel, Zionism, apartheid, racism, propaganda and the root of the conflict.
      American Zionist Movement - Providing a broad range of information about Zionism in America, Jewish organizational life, Israel, and activities in the United States. A coalition of groups and individuals, the AZM is the US affiliate of the World Zionist Organization.
      Awesome Seminars - International speaking schedule and seminars from Neil Lazarus, a prominent Zionist and Jewish activist.
      Blogs of Zion - Blogs of Zion is an on-line forum for Zionists, young and old, from across the ideological and social spectrum to decipher, develop and debate issues affecting the Jewish people around the world.
      Cultural Zionism ~ Get - Togethers - An interactive online process to promote the social aspects of cultural zionism and to empower the individual aspirations in making significant Jewish related connections.
      Dafka - Pro-Zionist information and articles aimed at countering Palestinian and anti-US activism on American campuses.
      The Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History - A comprehensive compilation of information on Israel and Zionism, organized by topic.
      The Drawing Board: Grappling with Post-Zionism - Paul J. White of the University of Sydney reviews The Challenge of Post-Zionism and The Other Israel: Voices of Refusal and Dissent.
      Dutchblog Israel - Observations, articles and opinions in Dutch and English. Author is a historian who specialized in modern Jewish history and in history of the Middle East, and who in 1995 emigrated from the Netherlands to Israel.
      Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America - A volunteer women's organization, whose members are motivated and inspired to strengthen their partnership with Israel, ensure Jewish continuity, and realize their potential as a dynamic force in American society.
      The Hagshama Department of the World Zionist Organization - Resources on numerous topics as well as programs and activities of the education department of the WZO. Includes essential Zionist texts.
      Hasbara - Coalition of groups serving as a US affiliate of the World Zionist Organization. Site offers a broad range of news, information about Zionism in America, Jewish organizational life, Israel, and activities in the United States.
      Helping Israel - An outgrowth of Vaad LeMa'an Zion (Organization For the Sake of Zion), a grassroots organization of citizens of Jerusalem who opposed the Oslo Accords.
      Israel Arab Conflict - Articles and opinions of the Israel-Arab conflict, from Israel's perspective. Supportive of Zionism.
      Israel Independence - Israel's progress up to its 57th Anniversary.
      The Jewish Agency for Israel - The Jewish Agency was instrumental in establishing the State of Israel and in building the country's human and physical infrastructure.
      k'Cholmim - Articles and information from a religious Zionist perspective.
      Labor Zionism and Socialist Zionism - A discussion of the history and theory of labor Zionism and socialist Zionism emphasizing early history.
      Labor Zionist Alliance - Progressive Zionist organization focused on the social and political development of American Judaism. Includes Jewish Frontier magazine, ongoing analyses of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and prospects for peace in the Middle East.
      The Land of Israel - Essays on current events and history of the land of Israel and the Israeli-Arab conflict from a pro-Zionist perspective.
      Land of the Jews - Personal site of a Canadian Zionist that includes commentary about Jews in Canada, terrorism in Israel and suggestions about what people can do to help Israel.
      Mercaz USA - Zionist organization of Conservative Jewry. Mission, programs, officers, and membership.
      Middle East Facts Weblog - Important stories and pro-Israel commentary regarding news in the Middle East.
      The Myth of "Zionism=Racism" - After Durban - Background and activities for responding to attacks on Israel in the UN.
      Mythbusting the Mideast - Pro-Israel site which debunks myths about the Arab-Israeli conflict by using statistics, pictures and commentary.
      The Peace Encyclopedia: Zionism - FAQ answered by quotations from historical personages.
      The Raphi's pro-Israel and Zionist site! - Contains an assortment of news-related links, opinions, articles, jokes and links pertaining to Zionism, Judaism and Israel.
      Realistic Religious Zionism - Established by religious young men and women who call for a change in the present character of the Religious Zionist camp in Israel and in the course its leaders are taking it.
      The seekers of the Sanhedran - Watchdog network designed to create change and to empower the diaspora towards a new political vision for the Middle East. Discussion group.
      Shimshon 9 - Blog containing news and views from Israel. In-depth analysis of current and historic issues.
      Should a religious Jew move to Israel and do army service? - Listing of Torah resources and commentary that encourages Jews to move to Israel.
      The State of Israel - Zionist links and history of Israel. Resources from the Hebrew University.
      World Jewish Solidarity Day - An organization, endorsed by prominent Jewish groups, that will coordinate efforts to hold solidarity rallies in Jewish communities around the world.
      Zionism - Definition and Early History - Balanced account of Zionism, its background in Jewish culture, Zionist thinkers, early Zionist efforts, Arab-Zionist conflict, anti-Zionism, links and bibliography.
      Zionism and Israel Information Center - History, news, views and definitions of Zionism. Examines key issues such as the roots of anti-Zionism, Arab-Israeli conflict and whether Zionism is racism.
      Zionism and Israel on the Web - A growing online center for Zionism and Israel resources: commentary, history, definitions, source documents, issues and answers, news, forum, links.
      The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) - Federation of Zionist organisations in Australia responsible for the connection between Australian Jewry and Israel.
      The Zionist Foundation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Pro-Zionist lobby founded in 1899.
      The Zionist Organization of America - The oldest, and one of the largest, pro-Israel/Zionist organizations in the United States. The site assists interested parties to become involved in Zionism in America.
      Zionist Organization of America - Brooklyn Region - Chapter news and goals, media references, articles on current issues, and related links.

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