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A Note of Caution: Every group should maintain its role as being self-dependent.  Once a group achieves a self dependency, then the personal values of it's members are greatly enhance-giving a personal commitment it's quality dued


What is Stage Development ?
This website is to develop  a social focus by assisting those who wish to make a positive connection to their own Jewish heritage [ remember - our own diversity ].  This is a very important, because of  emotional releases of both personal expectations, and future aspirations it impacts.  Thus, in the main, there are those whose commitment and future activities will revolve solely around the social aspect of being Jewish-and is what this website centrally attempts to empower.
Nonettheless, there will be a fraction who wish to either to explore more, or who wish to further reinforce their own personal Jewish or pro - zionistic commitments.  Here is where the sociocultural programs seeks to empower.
And beyond....
Thus the stages are:
First Stage:  Social.
Second Stage  Sociocultural.
Third Stage:  Sociopolitical
Forth Stage:  Mesorah
Social Centralities.
What should be understood in the meantime, as the historic track of previous and existing groups have all indicated, it is the principle of the social qualities involved in Jewish life of which all other and additional efforts are largely supported by.

Social Programs.


1.Chug Irvit: Often one is left out in making a connection to one's own heritage as a result of not knowing Biblical Hebrew.  Nevertheless, in the modern consequences, Modern Hebrew, which is now spoken by Israel's 8 million population, along with an additional 14 million with in the region of the Middle East who has some knowledge of Modern Hebrew, makes this approach in making a connection to ones heritage more appealing.  Moreover, and with an easier step stage process, Modern Hebrew can be learned faster.
2 Going Places Setters: An action group which looks into a fully developed social calendar which could include the following:
     1. Cafe meets
     2. Movie Screening.
     3. Social Dancing
     4. Night Clubing.
     5. Trail Hiking.
     6. Cooking Cook offs
     7. Producing Crazy Videos
     8. Destination Visits
     9. Social Parties
    10. Calendar Related Celebrations.

The Socicultural Stage.


Life Workshops:  Life workshops denoted here are suggested with a difference. The subject of learning Modern Hebrew is one which is dogged with a certain amount of cultural expectations, hard work, and a certain amount of anxiety.  Nonetheless, the integration of Modern Hebrew into ones own personal accomblishments should entail a more positive induction; thus each workshop is sprinkled with keyword vocabularies.
IE:  Thus Life Workshops becomes Avodim Chaim:
Sample Workshops:
    1. Israeli Folkdance
    2. Israeli Creative Crafts
    3. Israeli Liberation Theatre.
    4. Personal WebPages and WebSite Desings
    5. Personal Internet Insourcing - Outsourcing Techniques.
    6. Consumer Economics.
    7. Childreaing Seminars - what is to expected and what shoud be done in preparation.
    8. Public Access Channel training and then Israeli programing public access telecastings.

Sociopolitical Stage.
Joining  an activist center group. Suggested are those groups which have a certain degree of support to the ideals of The National Jewish Liberation of "  The Torah. "

Under development
Released date January 30, 2006

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