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What to do when you found a victim.

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Anywhere you go in your foreign travels you should always know where local support can be found when you are in trouble of any kind.  Privacy with Americans is an unconscious reality.  However, in alot of foreign countries Americans universally have been the center of attention for those who to want sell something, and thus privacy is harder to come by.
Thus knowing of a secured place, or places, should be looked at when you are planning ahead in your travels, especially if your an attractive female, or have children comming with you.  Moreover, someone back home and most important including a relative should know your where abouts, and the closer the timeline frequency of centered communications [ calls ] the more secured you may become. Cell phones are now imperative for all personal safty concerns, and A.T & T now operates everywhere as well as others.

If by happerstance you do run across a victim fleeing, make sure your are immediately secure yourself - first - and - foremost.  Ask yourself the immediate question is this person telling the truth, for you may be the intended target.  What you should know always, is that there are those who know Americans to be vulnerable, and extremely sympathetic to incidents concerning traffic in women, and would take advantage of this immediately.
Make your call immediately and wait for a response likewise before taking action.  If there are other Americans within your vision or known where abouts of others to your location take immediate action in grouping with them.  The more the safer!   Knowledge of a local American military base is absolutely necessary too - if one should exist.  Every additional cell - along with the owner, means more secured connectiveness.  Make sure you are not being approached in either in a passive coy or aggressive matter.  If so immediately secure yourself first with all dispatch.  In all likely-hood you will have the leave the victim.   You will helping yourself and the victim likewise.  Remember no one will know if your are likewise trapped.  This is not being hard but is that one step which will secure you both.

Additional items to follow.

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