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Intellegence Gathering Proceedures.

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Do not take direct action what - so - ever in intervention on any suspicion you have towards others in this criminal activity.  In most incidents, those who traffic in women, girls, and boys for sex salvery are well armed, some have their own intellegence operatives, and my have avioded in being detected in pay-offs to the locals.

Networking - First phase:
First - and - foremost
Securing Cell phones, and having secured numbers ( which will be listed on this site in the future ) to call and register a report is the most effective weapon which can employed against this criminal activity.  
Microwave towers are now extremely dominate in all telecommuncations and informational communications.  This is better understood by the fact, that the only safe utility in Baghdad area are the micro-wave transmissions towers of Baghdad, and all Iraq as well.  Moreover, and likewise very important, is having your cell phone set up which can immediately transmit email to friend about your and report, and letting them know of your location where and who you are issuing your subsequent report.
To locate a safe place - environment for you to make such calls, especially if you can find a location where you can have access to the Internet in a very public location at the sametime.
Fundamentally, you should always have the number of the local American consulate, and make sure you have the name of the official you have made your report to.  And possible a report file number -this should be placed in your cell phone files too!  Then follow - up for the very next day, as well as letting the same offical likewise know when you are leaving the area.
Addition items will added as more porceedures are likewise being investigated.

Second Phase:
Developing several open forums in which missing persons and additional information can be posted, as well as creating an active forum of destination frequent travellers who are aware on what to look for. 

Third Phase.
Is to inspire the Knight of Malta [This is the American branch ] - who have minor diplomatic recognition Internationally, very much like the Vatican - to become the central clearing house where information and strategic data should be directed to.

Final Phase
Finding an International Court who will be given the authority for complete means of relief and likewise compensation to the vicitm [this is not possible for some local authorities when local corruption is exist] for such criminal activities, and judgements and sentencing.

Additional items to follow.

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