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Melbourne Docklands Yarras Edge at twilight

Melbourne Nightlife is increasingly Internationally known for its dash of brilliant entertainment and culturally rich performances.  Its youthful cultural mystique cloistered behind the walls of newly constructed plush modern structures adds to the city's high energy level nightlight spectra. Thus becoming the Australian cultural and sport capital.

What is getting all the attension is how it has worked to develop a community resolve in expanding its cultural attributes, promoting its exceptional climate and most of all - ease of cost of living, though property taxes are high, and social conditions such as lower percapita crime rates, and an emerging municipal health care system.

The city celebrates a wide variety of annual cultural events, performing arts and architecture. Melbourne is also considered to be Australia's live music capital with a large proportion of successful Australian artists emerging from the Melbourne live music scene. Melbourne has become popular for its street art with the Publication Lonely Planet guides listing it as a major attraction.

The city is also admired as one of the great cities of the Victorian Age (1837-1901) and a vigorous city life intersects with an impressive range of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century buildings.


Time: November 25, 2009 at 6pm to February 24, 2010 at 10pm
Location: Melbourne Summer Tradition
Street: Cornor Queen St & Therry Streets
City/Town: Melbourne
Website or Map:
Phone: 03 9320 5822
Event Type: night, market
Latest Activity: Nov 25
On the event listings includes:
A Melbourne Summer Tradition !

- Food of the world
- Free live entertainment on 3 stages
- 200+ stalls selling the quirky and unusual
- (Yellow tail) bars and boutique wineries to enjoy

Where the weird and wonderful come out at night!

Every Wednesday night from 5.30 till 10 pm.
Queen Victoria Market

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I am now concentrating in developing my Melbourne Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC website, and if you have a favorite nightlife - nightclub or entertainment related venue you are invited to contribute to this site. [ email ].
What I have discovered about this Internet group is top of line quality when compared to other fashions internet groups - ours is possibly number one in the world.  As such Melbourne has an established nitch, largely from your individual efforts, in which to increase its fashions presence within the world.  A world which is highly competitive. IE. The Dominance of Tokyo and its Tokyo's Street Fashions within the Pacific Rim of Nations.
As part of the vision behind this site is to give you a challenge.  " What is considered Melbourne Street Fashions. " Melbourne has a growing core of models, who can compare with any other beauty world wide [ IE: Estelle from Tasmania ], socialites which are in the beginnings of organizing itself - through the effort of this group alone - and this means potential.
Models - Your are all invited to contribute and use this website to assist in getting your profile published as well.
This in due course this site will be linked Internationally to other Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC sites. IE. Tokyo Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC website ; Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC website; and Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC website.
I have a Los Angeles group who memberships have already traveled to Melbourne and the information on this site is from their contribution.
Please adivse.
Yours truely,
Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York

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Melbourne, Australia Fashions and Trendsetters : Here a remarkable community where creativity and individuality is an excellent breeding ground for new in innovative perspectives in fashions to emerge.

Melbourne, Australia Festivals and Celebrations :  When amy one talks about Melbourne you will find out its citizens really love to party and celebrate all the time.

Mission: InterCultural Communications.
The focus of the series of Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC websites.

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Melbourne Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is one of several websites which is built upon the concept of InterCultural Communications between selcted global cities, towns, and communities ( inclusive of sociocultural communities ).  Thus as an example:  This site is an Inter - Cultural Communications website program between the cities of Melbourne, Australia and Ithaca, New York.
There is a very practical factor which should be at all times acknowledge. InterCultural Communications and the ongoing processes of globlaization, increased free market activities, and expanding personal expectations of billions is the central keystone in the construction of future civilizations.  Civilization and the commonalities in which one community has with another is fully exposed through InterCultural Communications as well as assisting in securing the resulting  sociocultural and socioeconomic relationships as a result; this is actual conflict preventioning.


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