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Gemma Wald

Born November 3rd 1987 in Perth Australia, at just sixteen, Ward was the youngest model chosen to be in a Vogue shoot of nine "It Girls".

Gemma Wrd
When one takes a look at both models and actors / actresses in both Europe and The United States there is an increase presence of Australian talent.  So the word is out, and photographers, fashion designers, major fashion - clothing manufacturers,  and casting directors alike are looking to those from Australia with increased interests.
Here is where the mission of this webpage comes to sharp focus.  That is to give those who send in their profiles and portfilio websites' URLs for link exchanges, an open invitation to have such career promotional immediate access to this webpage.  More importantly, this webpage and the supporting websites - which act like website flankers [ IE. Melbourne, Australia Fashions and Trendsetters ] to increase internet rankings - will be linked to a growing internet network in addition.

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