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Fashions and Trendsetters Melbourne Styles

Lady Melbourne's Blog

Lady Melbourne's Blog

'Fashion Unleashed' at Baroq House by lingerie designer Shiori Pike.

Lady Melbourne's Blog

Melbourne fashions are highly diverse - sort of look and see, and likewise those who are trendsetters represent a very few.  With constant influx of young people the city is in constant change.
It is like anything goes, and thus Melbourne has become an island of total free expression when compare to other cities like Canberra ,or Sydney.  In true Australian sense - which is always had an agressive persona - the city's fashions and thus trendsetting ethos has advanced this single communal focus - living ethos:
" There's a greater sense of freedom and individuality. " 
There is a connection which is emerging between individuality and what is being worn in the streets as world wide phenomena. Thus there are these entries...
Melbourne Street - HOME is an online collision of Melbournes varied and glorious street fashion styles. Such what was depicted in the fashions show " Review of Black in Fashion " at National Gallery.  The are additional representations in Melbourne Street Fashion which has impromptude photo shoots on the streets of Melbourne.
This explains the wide variety of stores, markets and vintage shops which allows people to mix and match designer clothes with knock offs, everyday staples and one of a kind pieces - all at low costs. To most fashion observers this is a puzzle when reflecting what they are seeing.

A lot of people here, especially for those who under 30 Y.O. have dare to wear items they will not have worn back home or even in more industrial based cities such as Canberra, or Sydney. None the less, it maybe beneficial that world fashion observers should give Melbourne more time to further explore its own visions and likewise how it is rooted in individual expressions which is the main buzz of this city. 
It really seems that when Australians want to do something its real hefty. " All the time." I should know.  During the Vietnam War I party with Australian troops who were in Bangkok, like me, on R&R during 1967.

A blogger with great imagination:





Aus Style Blog. This a solid and the very core reflection of a Melbourne youth who shows great imagination, great use of website skills, especially with the limits she had to deal with, and one can who can really venture beyond oneself, ones environment, and ones own limited experiences.


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A dreamer Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1.Head in the clouds, or, as some say, shoved up my arse... 2.High schooler with an avid love of fashion ... 3.Lighthearted, smiley, non sensical,whistful, obsessive and easily amused. 4.Believes in finding the beauty in the mundane. 5.Has an appreciation for the conceptual and the manic clutter of fashion.
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What should be noted is that this website, which on this webpage deals with fashions, is part of an Inter - City Cultural Communications website program.  Here, and reflected within the visual and experience range of Melbourne youth and taste, is how InterCultural Communications works when this webpage and website is linked to other selected global cities.

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