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October 25, 2008
April 30, 2008
October 24, 2008
October 25, 2008
January 23rd, 2010
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Do males think about fashions?  Several designers are coming up with their own answers.
From the online publication BVV Veletrhy Brn on H & D [ A desiner label ] on Men's Collection: 
Their view is ... ' As their slogan “H&D dresses you on the go” says, the collection of the H&D Co. is intended for your leisure time. That is why the main feature of the collection is the use of the “garment wash” technologies, e.g. washing the finished products to achieve a washed-wear look even after ironing. For this reason the entire collection is based on washable natural textiles made of cotton or linen and cotton or linen mix. The best-proven washed products are various kinds of trousers. Apart from the so-called work types and army style pants (cargo pants) we see the comeback of classical linen-based trousers of a more relaxed style.

The collection is completed with leisure-time shirts, which have also been washed. Men’s shorts are multicoloured, of various lengths; included are very short boxer-type shorts, Bermuda shorts and 7/8 length types called capri.
With that a side, others are look at and we get this from The New Times republication on the Online Publication Haute Concept ... that men’s pants are taking. More men are embracing the drain-pipe silhouette of Hedi Slimane and cropped trousers of Thom Browne.

Bill Cunningham reports, “Others adhere to that totally opposite look, oversize jeans belted dangerously low. Bermuda shorts for business, an idea born of the un-air-conditioned 1950s, are back. Do-it-yourselfers are rolling their pants above high sneakers. But the majority of men remain firmly belted, with cuffs brushing their shoes."   On The Street-Extremes [NYT]


Then following the recent popularity of the Argentina Tango Craze from Hispanictips online publication the Chucho [ TM ] look....... " Chucho™, a new brand of men’s and boy’s clothing with a focus on the Latino market, will begin its launch by participating in “Los Premios MTV Latin America”, being hosted in Mexico City on October 18, 2007. Chucho™ will gift a black vintage “Roma®” tee as well as a boys Topo Gigio® soccer tee VIP guests and celebrities attending and hosting this truly exciting awards ceremony, The Chucho™ brand anticipates really scoring a “gol” with its nostalgic graphics.

Esta marca es para ti” This brand is for you, is the tagline for Chucho™, focusing on the Latino male customer. Chucho™ was created by Molly Robbins"....

Then we always head back to Giorgio Armani for top of the line, knowing fully well such fashions if noticed by a female friend or passer-by we know she gots something more than looks. For those who are in the know, Armani is ' the complex fashions concept ' with the additional mission to get men to look better. and following behind them is the GAP for those who are younger.

Nevertheless, it is the quality of Armani and the slick grooming necessary to fill out a three piece suit which gives any male additional character and that real " nouveau riche  " quality look. Of course you have to dish out a of money.  But who cares when you carry an exotic beauty on your arms to a social with a lot of pomp and well to dos.

More is to come.....


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