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January 23rd, 2010
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January 23rd, 2010
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Set your bookmarks to come back, for you will be coming back - often.  There are now clear choices for women everywhere and its great news too.  When you make a buy you should be proud and uplifted as well. 
You gotta see whats coming!



Presently it is becoming more and more difficult by the leading fashions critics, fashion publications editors, and the small business fashions retailers [ who are the primary majority buyers  ] what are the leading trends in fashions for women.  This  picture has been further made additionally complex as a result of several media stars such as actresses - actors, or those who are performing on the concert tours, IE. The WHO, who are deliberately wearing their own signature personal designed items which promotes their own image; their individualities are triggering an increasingly greater diversity of styles to a younger market.  More importantly, those who are in the know who are the leading fashions designers are now anxoiusly looking at the new innovative created fabrics and their interesting and at times radical qualities - which are breaking down limitations set by previous fabrics - of what is coming out of The Peoples Republic of China. Fabric innovations of  The Peoples Republic of China are now number one in this area.
In Europe though, Street Fashions, which were inspired by Tokyo fashions promoters, the actual Rising Edo Sun [ and Japan's very quite New Nationalism ] of world dominace in fashions, which cause so many frighten European designers to jump in, not counting lossing their own nationalistic tendencies *** Europe's Internal Exile in creating its own fashions image *** in their fashions visions trying just to survive,  have now *** Since: July - August. 2009 Fashions Shows have indicated *** retreated from this picture caused by both the single driving force in which primarily women are seeking  more personal individualty in how they wish to be seen.  In additional another fashions power house is developing and this is the various influences of Moscow's and additional Russian Federation cities Fashions Cultural Revolution of  Club Stylings
The catch words in fashion of today are those which deals with similar meanings in the single word choices - which is more gender prone to be female in intent.  Women have now the supreme fashions option which has not been present since and subsequent passing of the 70s.
Both the designers and fashions retailers are combining in to an atmosphere of many attempting to recover from the present financial banking economic crises themselves, and forcing many to really look at their customer base more closely.  The anxiety is presently being felt, which also means how much is in the cash drawer, especially in Europe, hopefully felt to be wishful thinking to be short lived.  However, especially in the up coming developing nations who are likewise out there with their newly constructed runways IE. Kinshasa-Congo - Africa, and creating their own designs, this is not going to be short lived.
Whar ever will come, it will not be until 2012 when things within the economics which supports the creative will of the designers will finally stabilize. That risk takers to establish new fashions icons - symbols, along with the iconclasticitties [ A word I had to invent to meet the present circumstance of prose. ] will have to wait before making any radical jumps and this goes for the meida stars searches for their own thing, IE Madona's Mini Dresses and Showy Lingeris, or Mick Jagger's leather jackets have now caused their own sense of caution. 
The only real notable trend are knee high darken leather sensual boots for women! Some with silver or steel toes.

The underlying causes are the newer, and newer perceptions are in what is popular - as depicted in this random ' shared ' slides from a Ning dot social network below.  Since the late 1990s into the present the visual perceptions of the emerging youth are impacting not only their own behavior, more importantly for them, in being more freer in their perceptions of themselves - which would make a radical of the 70s look on with envy, but the various retailers trying to figure out what actually sells to this group.  The slide show below is very representitive and its divergency the present mode of teen behaviorisms as well.

Trouvez plus de photos comme celle-ci sur MiniFizz

In the overall look of present fashions, all one has to do is to go on the side bars - columns on this site.  Then look for any combination of four blogs which are linked there.  After which when you take a look in how they started, what they published, and what they are now publishing, then you will get a real sense of what is not following traditional practice of fashions popularity - which existed before the crash.
Centrality? No! The pure exploration to find ones individuality augemented by growing competing and individual complex personalities in which each generation is now continually developing to create its own leadership peerages and cultural practices - what to wear and how one wishes to be seen.  Such as the simplified example above.
It is how this is anticipated and has been, now, focused on by each designer of whether they are willing to strike out on their own and take the risk, which the above Sie können mehr Fotos wie diese finden auf Top Fashion.    did not, or follow the example and took the more caution route.

In the Fashions and Trendsetters slide above you will note the gowns in the begining.  This is to advise those who are not aware of what innovative fabric causes should then take very careful note.  The way in which the design is able - and real successfully too - to modify each models frame could not be possible without the fabric development coming out of the Peoples Republic of China.
Those of us who went through the worst of The Cold War are shaking our heads.  " The Peoples Republic of China?"  None the less, human effort and energy is now being applied through - out the globe and if humankind does not self - destruct then we are entering into a world of total comsumerism in what looks good to each and everyone of us in what we wear.

The above slides are both sensual and gender bending all at the sametime.  Thus as idenity becomes more personalized visually, and at times extremely sexualized at the sametime, the traditional restrictions are likewise no longer there.  To a major designer, this is anxiety in which they at times feel in how to find or define interests within traditional practices of marketing fashions.  How this is to affect present fashions have already been felt; the banking crises made it more apparent.
None the less, fashions of today from the point of view of several fashions related OnLine social networks still have to meet the woman's expectation of how her waist is seen, her rear end, and breast as well, and how the coloration is able to or not to promote her own visions of sensuality, or cover the lack of.  More importantly how this will be able assist her in her socialization skills, socioeconomic power development, while meeting both in her deep emotional search for her future beau, and assist her in her career advancements, or that of her children.
Recently men as well has been swept in all this in as much as what was discovered is when a man has a female boss, then what he is wearing becomes more important.  As more and more women are entering mid then upper managment, both the office or work station have been affected as more and more men are now realizing they too have to be more fashions conscious as well.  Being from the Vietnam era this gives me the shakes.

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