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April 30, 2008
October 24, 2008
October 25, 2008
January 23rd, 2010
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' _ _ _ _ _ _  ' Street Styles.
By Mr. Roger Meredith Christian.
In a close examination of the recent fashions craze popularity contained in the sociocultural fashions idiom interpolation dynamics of " _ _ _ _ _ Street Styles [ The ' _ _ _ _ _ ' space is where you place the city of your choice. ] " has now assumed an Intercommunal aspect which gives sufficient organized visual perception of cultural focus which can be used to enhance InterCultural Communications  - through fashions.
The additional expressionalist tone in how photographers are making every effort to use this new fashions idiom to depict what is being seen on the streets of varied world wide communities have assisted for one to arrive at a focus of chief features of local style fashions dynamics.  Hand in hand, as _ _ _ _ _ Street Styles are impacting both photograpers, sylists, and the consumers of their photos have pushed the expressionalist artistic values in the world of photography; the actual visual record for later review and examination.  The importance of the additional contribution made by the makeup artists - sylists who modifys the look of the models being depicted are, likewise, adding to overall impressionalistic value of the fashions being displayed in the final resulting photo, or media representations. 
All of this was essentially inspired by Tokyo Street Styles promotionals and some very well staged photos by some excellent Japanese promoters and designers of Japanese fashions - a silent cultural form of Japanese nationalism. This created dominance of the Japanese in the proletarian, and Students / Scholars Academia end of fashions world wide. This in conjucrtion with the Asian cultural inspired near redrawing of contemporary designed dynamics of the upper end of fashions, those designs which starts at $10,000.00,  manifested the domination of Japanese fashions world wide - which still exists; " The Rising Edo Sun."
Then as the growing dynamics of the new European unified currency, the Euro, which suddenly impacted European youth purchasing power created the InterCommunal dynamic for a central European Youth InterCultural Community..  The purchasing power they had as a result of the unified currency of the Euro saw massive increasing ticket sales at concerts, expansion of nightlife entertainment and its associative growing diversities and additional genre, rapid and more frequent InterEuropean travel, switching from hostle accommodations to more substantial inns and hotels, and most of all what they were wearing.  In the center of this culture are the personal aspirations to be seen, heard, and at the sametime connected to a greater community. This allowed a greater freedom of what one could actually wear, or not wear - as topless issues for females are growing -  which they could not wear decades earlier, even during the creative 70s.  Thus from time to time you  will even see a male wearing a dress who is actually heterosexual.  The new Euro-expectation and the central European  InterCultural Youth Community was the banner in which the InterCommunal aspect has been further established between those who are 30 and younger Euro-wide.  This plus their growing purchasing power, sought their own more local dynamic idenities, and local popular fashions designers of their own age peers. Interesting enough, this was also the main economic trigger which saw the emergence of vintage fashions shops not only in Europe, but here in the United States.
This now directly competes with the Super Culture of Ameican Youth which saw its emergence during the lates 60s-though amount of dollars being spent indicates the American side still dominates world wide. What eveyone should, likewise, be aware are the Chinese when their economic dynamics reaches the end of the present cycle of economic growth matches their new Pan - Asian aspirations.
Likewise, and with the addition of the new available vintage clothing  being used to accent what one is wearing here in America and in Europe has further set the stage in how critical aspect of idealized commonalities are likewise impacting the styles of fashions now being designed by this age peerage.  Right now Paris Street Styles and following the internet promotional plugs promoting London Street Styles have all used the aspect of vintage clothing to accent.  This is likewise happening in Madrid, Milian, Sao Paulo, at times Tokyo, Melbourne, New York City, Los Angeles and more.  Even here in Ithaca, New York. However, Moscow is presenting itself more towards Club Fashionings.- or higher end fashions representing the expectations of Russian youth and their future nationalistic drives as well [ Yeh!  Russian youth are not integrating, but are now vested in the overall sociocultural rebound from decades of emotional and creative suppressive communis political system and are now trying to make up for individual taste and nationalism which was more than painfully felt as past fashions designer also went to the gulags - and thus the lost years.].
As all this is going on, more dramatic evidence has started to come to view, and that _ _ _ _ _ Street Styles are becoming, not only a common idiom visual perception which is world wide, but is creating more self-reflection of ones own purpose. 
Recently, set designs are now entering this picture and this means that set designers are becoming neccessary professionals in fashions promotionals. Thus when photographers, fashions houses, and even fashions reporters themselves hit the streets, the need of how to present the fashion being promoted or reported needs the additional component of designed sets and artistic settings as well.  This is amassing more community and city municipal levels of  cooperation and this is bring more diverse peoples together to focus, and thus the InterCommunal aspects grows in further establishing the cultural power of _ _ _ _ _ Street Fashions and its local " visual " political importance; this is what the Japanese foresaw.
This represents alot of energy and people who are highly active and now trained, litterally emotionally excited,  in how they want their own time and era to be known in the future -  represented in both their photos, videos, and media representations of '_ _ _ _ _' Street Fashions.  So there will come a day in years hence in which they will look back and see what was happening now and how their influence were contributing forces.
The cultural idiom / fashions icon of the 21 st Century is the evolution of _ _ _ _ _ Streets Styles.  Your fill in the _ _ _ _ _.
Looking at what is now going on I have no doubth they will have one very big smile on their, till-then, aging faces

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