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Yi Hong Bin - Photo Yi Hong Bin - Three Horses "When that 'little black dress' is not enough ... SHANGRILA!"

US Premiere by 易洪斌 Yi Hongbin

They Are Going

Yi Hongbin (易洪斌) is renowned throughout China as the master of forceful style and deep feelings, being at the forefront of a new movement of Chinese painting style. China has moved into a vibrant stage characterized by mass media and pop culture that threatens to engulf and overshadow traditional art forms, but Yi Hongbin captures the passion of this new generation in his uniquely forceful and masculine style. He brings forth the passion of a modern era to the genre of Chinese painting, where pure technique has traditionally overshadowed individual expression. In this respect, Yi Hongbin's work is nothing short of revolutionary. When the dust from his horses� hooves clears, the vision Yi Hongbin leaves us is often full of wild kinetic energy, the energy of a new and changing China, ready and eager to take up the challenges of a modern world, with all the vigor and wisdom of ages past.

Who�s Who - World Chinese Intellectuals,
Yi Hong-Bin is not only northern China�s premiere sage, he is also a famous painter of horses. He uses both traditional and modern techniques to create vibrant works that have influenced painting through China and internationally. Yi treats horses as "the spirits of the times and the warrior of a great career." His works will be on exhibit from May to July of 2005 at Shangri-La art gallery at 55 Main St, Cortland, NY, USA. Opening reception Thursday 19 May 2005 at 7 PM.

Autumn Run

Yi Hongbin�s work also betrays knowledge of mortality and the fleeting quality of youth and beauty. In his own words, "I work with all my might. But time flies like an arrow, I am old before I know it." Being an intellectual for over fifty years, Yi Hongbin has an exceptional command of literature. He served as president of the Jilin Daily newspaper, chairman of the Jilin Arts Association, executive of the Chinese Art Association, member of the Chinese Writers Association, besides a host of other official roles shaping the modern direction of that ancient land.

Stay Together

Throughout China, Yi Hongbin is known as a leading politician, newspaperman, poet, musician, and novelist. But it is the brush that best expresses Yi Hongbin�s restless spirit, bursting out from the confines and rules of traditional society. He has taken to the horse as the emblem of this self-proclaimed freedom. In this noble animal, Yi has found a kindred spirit to arouse his inspirations and allow his imagination flight. Horses have the spirit of dragons, the endurance of bulls, the heroic bearing of lions, and majesty of tigers as they unite gentleness and robustness.

Three Horses



MOONRISE - Nude bathing in the moonlight as geese fly past.
Geese carry away my message of loneliness to my love.


TIGER - The courage of a nation is made of heroic individuals. A hero is a person with passion and feelings.


RECLINING - Domestic scene of peace and solitude to inspire us. Warmth and beauty must be part of life.

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Wild Horse

The opening reception for this show was from 7 to 9 PM, on the 19th of May 2005, at Shangri-La Gifts and Fashion, 55 Main Street (Corner of Main and Court Sts) Cortland, NY. Exhibit is open throughout June and July 2005.


HERE to view other amazing art at Shangri-La, located at 156 East State Street (The Commons) Ithaca, NY. For more details and hours call 607-272-6156, or 570-395-3423.


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