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Simple instructions:
First join the central group:
This will set in motion the necessary security, and other requirements to off-set any attemps from the group being spamed, or for other purposes than forming a dance community.
Post Comments of Forums:
Then post any comments on the local forum, IE such as introducing yourself,  which represents the state your are residing in.  Then you will be contacted to join a more specific MSN membership group which covers your state.  The membership groups will require you to remember a password. 
All during this time keep your full name and address or phone number confidential!
Attend First Get - Together.
After which when the group go beyond a certain number, and during which you are posting the proposed venue for your first Get - Togethers, and meeting will arranged according to a vote by the membership involved.  After which a regular meeting, Social Get Togethers will be posted for your region on this Website - on the speciific state WebPage.
Plan Socials and Social Dance.
Once you have a number of couples - membership commited in attending a social dance, then you post it on the National and Internation Social Dance Registry times and date of your first social dance-it does not at first have to be weekly.
Flyers at this time will have been developed, all you have to do is to fill some on the text information.
Attend your first Social Dance.
Then your fun actually beginsYour attend your social dance.

Things you schould know:

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