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24th - 26th March 2007, Manama - Bahrain

Bahraini Ministry of Industry and Commerce supports GIX 2007

The 1st Gulf Iraqi Expo 2007 GIX obtained full support from the Bahraini Ministry of Industry and Commerce. According to Murtada Kamal Aldin, Chief Executive of I-vision for Public Relations and Media, who met with the Bahraini Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro,

the ministry welcomes this event to be held in Bahrain and will provide the logistic support it needs along with the possible services it can provide to promote the event as part of its efforts to reinforce the commercial relationships between the private sector in Bahrain and the Gulf countries and Iraq.

Bahraini Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports GIX 2007

GIX Management announces that an agreement has been signed between Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and GIX Management, accordingly Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide logistic support to GIX.

Bahrain Chamber
of Commerce & Industry

Logistic support includes inviting members of the chamber to participate in the event, and inviting Gulf and Arabic countries chambers to participate and attend GIX.

Also Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry will place information regarding the event on the chamber’s official website, participate in the media coverage in local newspapers, and cooperate with GIX management to obtain the media sponsor.

OPIC supports GIX 2007

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) agreed to support the 1st Gulf Iraqi Expo 2007 (GIX), and will give a speech in the conference regarding investment finance and insurance.

OPIC was established as an agency of the U.S. government in 1971. Among its duties helping U.S. businesses invest overseas, and fostering economic development in new and emerging markets.



As part of OPIC-supported projects, in cooperation with Citigroup, is the launch of a $70 million structured credit facility that will enable the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) to issue letters of credit.


Al-Qasswara Group, CD ROM sponsor and participant in GIX 2007

Al-Qasswara Group was established since 2002 and consists of Al-Qasswara Company for general contracts, Al-Qasswara for engineering services, Al-Khaddam Company for general contracts, and Al-Sallal Company for Heavy Equipments.

Al-Qasswara owns heavy machines and equipments that make the group qualified to run more than one project at the same time and run some factories for construction materials, concrete bricks and sand and gravel factories.

Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce supports 1st GIX

The Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce was established over 10 years ago to foster, promote and solidify long-term energy-based business relationships between the US and Arab World.

Today, the chamber has become the premier US-based Chamber of Commerce providing a bilateral platform for US and Arab business organizations, inter-linking diverse sectors such as energy, construction, financial services, informational technology, telecommunications, healthcare, environmental services and trade.

Human Relief Foundation supports 1st GIX

Human Relief Foundation (HRF), an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the UN", is a UK based charity established in 1991 with its head office in the city of Bradford and branches in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, The Netherlands, Jordan, Syria, Mozambique and Azerbaijan. Since its conception by a group of committed and dedicated professionals, the HRF was formed to provide emergency relief aid and assistance to the third world countries.

Saudi Business Focus a media supporter to GIX 2007

Saudi Business Focus chronicles the future investment and development within the GCC states.

Saudi Business Focus as a leading international publication engendering cross flow investments, serves Royal Families, Sheiks, Arab Tycoons, local and international business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and decision makers in Arabia, Europe, The Far East and North America.

Jordan Land a media supporter to GIX 2007

Jordan Land magazine is the first Arab bimonthly real estate magazine published in Jordan and launched its first issue in August/September 2005. It covers real estate projects and activities, investments news, and building activities in Jordan, Gulf region, Middle East and North Africa. It is distributed to VIPs, real estate managers, Investors, Investment companies, Engineering consultants, and main contractors, in MENA region.

Gulf Cold Company (GC), a new participant in GIX 2007

GC, a cooling industry company located in Kuwait, is considered one of the new and unique companies in the Middle East specializing in trucks refrigeration and freezing machines, and food and meat stores.

Gulf Cold Machines has been designed to resist whether conditions in the Middle East, at the same time they have the advantage on the competitive machines quality and price wise.

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Co. S.A.K. a new participant in GIX 2007

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries C. S.A.K. is a premier establishment in food Industry in the State of Kuwait. It is a primary source for most of food industries and food Distributors in Kuwait

Established in 1961 under the name of "Kuwait Flour Mills Company", it is focused to expand its interests in specialized food products and introduced several products to the market.

Abu Shaibah Group of Companies & Est., Sandpoint, and AlBilal Group Construction Co. new participants in GIX 2007

Abu Shaibah Group of Companies & Est., based in Kuwait, started general trading and contracting activities in 1980. The company is specialized in security & surveillance systems; mechanical & electrical contracting; industrial projects; conference & international exhibition planning; travel, tourism & freight activities; farming & agriculture

Sandpoint was established in Iraq in 1978, it is specialized in oil and gas machinery and control systems.

AlBilal Group Construction Company Ltd. (AlBilal Group) is an Iraq-based company that was established in 1993. It is one of the largest construction companies in Iraq specialized in civil and electro-mechanical engineering and construction.

International pavilion in GIX 2007

Due to the large international requests to participate in GIX 2007, the GIX management has decided to allocate a huge pavilion for international companies from around the world who expressed their interest in participating in the event.   Also there will be an outdoor exhibition place in the area outside the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) where GIX will take place.

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