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Baghdad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The city of Baghdad is often said to have been founded on the west bank of the Tigris ... Thus Baghdad was probably built on the site of this earlier city. ... 

Riverbend - Baghdad Burning
A young Iraqi woman writes about conditions in the country after the war.
Where is Raed?
A blog from Baghdad maintained by Salam Pax, reporting on the situation in the city.

Baghdad is the leading source for reliable military news and military information, directed by John Pike. 

Baghdad provides the latest news and reports from Baghdad, daily life in Iraq, elections, analysis of the iraqi war, society and business.

Baghdad Bulletin
Bimonthly news magazine focusing on the redevelopment of the country along with local news from Baghdad, Basrah and Mosul. Iraq.

Baghdad, Iraq Forecast : Weather Underground
5-Day Forecast for Baghdad ... Locals. read their Hotel Tips and Travel Guides for Baghdad ... Unbiased reviews and advice for Baghdad ... 

Iraq - Baghdad
Has information on the departments and offices of the United States Embassy in Baghdad.

Current local time in Baghdad - Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq Baghdad is also known as Bagdad Baghdad is the capital of Iraq The native name of Iraq is Al Iraq. Current time, Friday, May 12, ...

Baghdad is the main transportation hub of Iraq, and is linked with the two ... Since the US/British-Iraq War of 2003 Baghdad has been through a period of ...

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