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Good news, bad news in Persian Gulf
KUWAIT. More than 15 years after the U. S., Britain and allies mobilized for the Gulf War to bring democracy to Kuwait, women will finally be eligible to vote in 2007 elections. Women’s eNews (July 8, 2005) reports that Kuwait’s first female cabinet member, Dr. Masouma Al-Mubarak, has already been sworn in as Minister of Planning and Administrative Affairs.
 But elsewhere in the region, democracy still lags, especially in Saudi Arabia, a Western ally during both the Gulf War and the current Iraq War. A year ago, the U.S. State Department declared the kingdom lacking in religious freedom. But the Bush administration has declined to apply trade sanctions and other measures prescribed by U.S. law, giving Saudis six more months to show progress in its treatment of religious minorities.
 The State Department also cited Saudi Arabia as one of 14 nations worldwide not taking sufficient action to prevent slave trading in prostitutes, child sex workers and forced labourers. The Bush administration again refused to apply sanctions, saying, “It was not in the national interest of the United States to punish Saudi Arabia,” according to the Associated Press

THE HULKS OF gutted freighters rising at crazy angles from the Shatt-al-Arab dramatize the waste of the seven-year-old war in the Persian Gulf. You see them as you round a downtown street corner in the Iraqi city of Basra and turn onto the corniche, once a stately esplanade where the local gentry would stroll on sultry evenings beneath wide-hanging trees whose branches seem to dip into the fabled waterway. Today a visiting journalist, aware of how touchy Iraqi officials are about foreigners taking unescorted tours, hardly dares get out of his ...


Vietnam Era:

 Does anybody know Watchfire will be 20 years old on Memorial Day 2007?
It began along a five mile stretch of the Hudson River to commemorate the missing
and losses of the Vietam War.  The five bonfires were ignited by VVA Chapter
333 of Bardonia, just north of New York City, to replicate signals of safe passage
home for American soldiers after battling the British near NYC during the Revolu-
tionary War.
     They inited other VVA chapters to join them, of which VVA 293 Morrisville
was one on Memorial Day 1988.  Syracuse VVA 103 came to Morrisville in the
early 90's and  began their own Watchire at the NY State Fairgrounds
    Since then Watchfire has travelled around the country, used to remember the
losses from all American wars and is also lit on POW/MIA Day, the third Friday
of each September (the 15th this year), and Veterans Day.
     According to the US Postal Service website that stamp proposals must be sub-
mitted by snail mail and can take up to three years for a decision.  Accepted stamp
designs are only announced when the stamp is presented to the public.
    The address for proposing a stampdesign is:
  Stamp Adisory Committee
  US Postal Service Stamp Department
  1735.North Lynn St. Room 5013
  Arlington, VA 22209-6432

Thought I'd pass this along.....
Attached Message
Subject: Vietnam Art Exhibit
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 3:35 PM

        Western District

New York State Council


20 Rochester, 77 Tonawanda, 193 Leroy, 268 Lockport, 459 Cassadaga,

 681 Niagara Falls, 865 Jamestown

Ted Wilkinson, Director




Contact:  Patrick W. Welch, President Chapter 77


                                                                             Western District VVA NYSC

                                                                                    Office      716.632.0290 Ext 203

                                                                                    Mobile                 716.445.0465


IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             September 11, 2006 - REMBEMER


Vietnam Veterans Art Exhibit


Tonawanda, NY – Vietnam Veterans of America is pleased to announce the opening of an art exhibit in Brockport, New York.


 The State University of New York at Brockport, the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, IL and the New York State Western District Chapters of the Vietnam Veterans of America present; The Things We Carried Art Exhibit.


The National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum,

houses over 1,500 works of art, including paintings, photography, sculpture, poetry and music. All works in the museum’s permanent collection were created by 125 artists, who chronicled their individual experiences from the Vietnam War. The exhibit at SUNY Brockport will present a portion of these works for the viewing pleasure of all Western New Yorkers.


SUNY Brockport,

is the main sponsor for this exhibit which will be housed at the Drake Memorial Library on the school campus.  Inspired by the Freshman Summer Reading selection, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, this exhibit is one of a number of events planned throughout the fall semester incorporating themes from the book.  For more information about events planned go to



Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters for the Western New York, area will provide exhibits of the various equipment, artifacts and exhibits that local veterans brought back from their tours of duty. Ted Wilkinson, Western District Director for the New York State Council of VVA has coordinated the participation of Chapter 20, Rochester; Chapter 77, Tonawanda; Chapter 193, Leroy; Chapter 268, Lockport; Chapter 459, Cassadaga; Chapter 681, Niagara Falls and Chapter 865, Jamestown.



WHEN:                       OPENS WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20, 2006

Vietnam Veterans Chapters will provide Color Guard for opening ceremony at 4:00 PM


                                    Exhibit runs daily till October 31, 2006


WHERE:                    State University of New York at Brockport

                             350 New Campus Drive

Brockport, NY 14420




Directions to the school can be found at this link;


A campus map can be found at this link:




TIMES:                      Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Sunday 12:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.





Vietnam Veterans of America

A Not for Profit Veterans Service Organization

Chartered by the United States Congress

Operation Proud to Serve * Ithaca * NY * 14850