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Makers' Fast Forward, July 2006
Table of contents:
Podcast Primer
Distribution Through CD Baby
Sponsor: Indie Community
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In many ways, podcasts are to the internet what “on-demand” cable is to television. With podcasting, music and video content is available by subscription download.

The model is fairly basic: A podcaster will assemble a show – many resemble a radio show – and post it online. Users use software like iTunes to subscribe and download the content. Once downloaded, the files are ready to be listened to on the user’s digital audio/video player of choice.

iTunes alone has over 150 different independent music podcasts available, and there are other directories out there that list hundreds more. If you’re a user looking for indie music, the problem becomes, “How do I find the good stuff?” As an indie musician, the problem is, “How do I get my music heard?”

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The Latest Groove: Disc Makers Clients Now Get Retail Distribution through CD Baby

Good news for Disc Makers clients. CD Baby has inked a partnership with Super D one stop, one of the largest one-stop distributors in the country. Through Super D, 2700 retail stores can order your CD Baby title for sale in their store.

Not only can you get presence in your local music store, you get paid the same as you would if the CD was sold on CD Baby itself.

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Sponsor: Indie Community

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about booking opportunities. Member bands can also take part in compilation CDs, showcasing at youth pastor conferences and music industry events, and advertising in magazines like CCM and Relevant.

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June 22-24, 2006
Panels are held at The Metro in Chicago 6/24
3730 N. Clark St.
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July 7-8, 2006
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616 W. Seventh Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

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