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The beauty, the glamour, the exciting in NightLife entertainment, and Du'Vogue of the Asian Avant Garde! 
Asian Quest is an OnLine search for what is socioculturally popular within the Asian or Pacific Ocean Rim of Nations.  Computer technological self-dependency emerging out of Bangalore, India, World's Leading Fabric technologies now emerging out of the Peoples Republic of China, stunning beauties on runways of models litterally Internet streaming in their coming out of Shanghai, Melbourne, or Tokyo, auto engineering feats of the South Koreans, architectual achivement feats of New Zealanders, and the increasing high wave actions of the Surf in Hawaii - triggered by climate change are all unheard of news.
This is a two way intersect in which those in the Asian - Pacific Rim can additionaly find commonality in sociocultural interests with America and Europe, for they already have heavy investments in both South America and Africa. Then secondly, as the appearance of the site indicates try - via its cultural democractic format - to present whats new in this region as the openning remarks indicate.
What does happen at nightlife entertainment in Beijing, is Nanjing [ Nanking ] a real destination city for tourism, whats being bought on the fashions retailers racks in Tokyo, or what is Melborune doing to set Europe on fire with its new'ly designed fashion, what smells good in Mumbia's restaurants lately, theatre action in Hong Kong, along with its horse racing betting culture, and Nipon ship building and more indicates items of real interest.
More importantly - in lue of climate changes [ note the plural ] why is the leading competitor for land reclaimation and building has now set small Dubai against both Tokyo and the Dutch together.

Mission Development base.

This is the network site for Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC series of websites which falls under the domain of .

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Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC: This is the central character, or careful slections of " keywords " in which an entire network was created.  The is promoted upon the practical application of " cultural democracy ' which produce the program---Inter - City Cultural Communications Program between various National and International cities, and Ithaca, New York.
The " keywords " Night and Life are significant, in as much as, and according to research internet concerns such as Alexa, are commonally type on the computer keys for Internet searches; the basis is then the market quality oof word usage and selection.  None the less, something else had to be added, and that is to obtain information about what exist on the ground in the various cities being covered by the developing Internet network.

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Social Priorities:
Traffic Stop:  To organize a network of social conscious travelers and activist to report suspected activities in the illegal trafficing of women / womyn.

Beijing Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Additional cities to the Asian Quest Network are:
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